The company was established as a family business in 2013 in Shah Alam, Selangor to convert industrial waste into raw materials for other industries and to recover precious metals from E-waste. As its business expanded, DNK Metal started building its own recycling and recovering facilities in Ipoh, Perak in 2017 to recycle and recover industrial E-waste which have a high commercial value. DNK Metal moved its industrial waste recycling and recovery operations to its new processing plant in Ipoh in 2019.

Our company aims to recover and to recycle industrial wastes which have high commercial values. Therefore, with the setting of this proposed recovery plant, with many industries generating such wastes need not bear the costs to dispose off their waste, nonetheless may instead recover costs of conversion in the form of silver, gold sludge or solution which has high commercial value. Generally, the common precious metal which are recovered from the scheduled waste are gold and silver. The recovered products will be in the form of bars or silver grains with 99.9% purity.